Our Scent Systems

SF 1000

Perfect for small-to-medium spaces

SF 1000 is the world's most advanced direct to space dry air diffuser, providing remote management and monitoring via our proprietary WST Remote App.

The WST Remote App is simple and secure with authenticated user access that does not utilize the WiFi network. With its easy setup and high range of output capabilities, the SF 1000 is the preferred choice for most commercial applications. Its patent pending technology and high quality US and German components provide optimal scent distribution, easy maintenance and superior reliability.

The compact and powerful SF 1000 will fit within any decor and can be wall- mounted, shelf-mounted, installed on track-lights or used with an optional decorative stand. Available in satin white or mat black finishes that can be painted for seamless integration with your business design.

99.9% Dry Air Diffusion

Smart phone App with Easy Setup and Programming

Compact & Powerful Covering 200 – 1,500 sq’

Low voltage UL power supply

SF 1800

The most powerful scent distribution system for medium-to-large spaces

SF 1800 is an extremely robust dry air diffuser ideal for use in retail shops, showrooms and lobbies.
Based on the newest technological advancement in the industry (patent pending), The SF 1800 diffuses pleasant aromas as an invisible mist in the most efficient manner. Constructed from a unique plastic exterior and with hi-tech components on the inside , the SF 1800 provides optimal scent distribution with easy maintenance and superior reliability.
SF 1800 can be mounted on walls, decorative stand or track-lights and is offered in a variety of colors, for seamless integration with your business design.

99.9% Dry Air

Electric Power Supply

Customized Scent Output

Ave. Cartridge Lifespan – 330 Hrs

Coverage: From 100 Square meters

SF - HVAC Scent Systems

The Ultimate HVAC Scent Systems for Large Areas

The SF HVAC scent systems are designed to easily integrate with your existing Air Conditioning infrastructure. Ideal for large scale fragrance distribution.

We are proud to offer our HVAC which can be monitored and controlled with
Our WST REMOTE APP and in the nearest future from any computer in the world.


99.9% Dry Air Diffusion

WST Remote App Controlled

HVAC Airflow Sensor for Safety

HVAC Coverage:
SF-100: 7,500 – 15,000 CFM
SF-200: 15,000 – 25,000 CFM
SF-400: 25,000 – 40,000 CFM.


The only scent solution for public transportation in the world

Installed in over 2000 vehicles, SF TRANS is the only proven scent solution for public transportation in the world. Neutralizing the assorted smells of travelers and their belongings, SF TRANS is critical for an unparalleled traveling experience. The system fits in buses, trams, trains and metros.
Scent is dispersed through the air condition system.
The extract clip lasts for 6 months , with no change in output quality and no need for extra maintenance.

99.9% Dry Air

Customized Scent Output

Ave.Cartridge Lifespan – 1/2 Year

SF Mini Box

Great scent distribution in a portable device

SF Mini Box is the next generation of scent solution. It's convenient “plug and play” design makes it perfect for open space venues and provides an invisible edge to marketing events, launchings, banquets, receptions and more.
The new technology allows 99.9% dry air diffusion and controlled scent distribution.

SF Mini Box is available for rent only.

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