The Experts

We go above and beyond by providing world class service and fragrance solutions that are safe, effective and environmentally responsible.

Technical Know-how

With more than 12,000 customers and 14 years of expertise, our in-depth understanding of scent distribution led us to develop our own proprietary fragrance formulations and patented technology that are safe, effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Unparalleled Solutions

We develop and manufacture some of the world's most advanced solutions for scent distribution in a variety of applications, including indoor, outdoor and public transportation. Our solutions have proven results in many different environments and sectors around the world.

Best in class support

WhiteScent understands that delivering a safe and effective scent experience can be challenging for businesses owner/operators. For that reason we have established a new support approach, allowing you to enjoy complete control via our mobile phone app and flexible service-levels to fit your needs and budget.

Consulting services

Every site and business faces different challenges. We harness our experience to understand the required scent approach and technical issues, matching and formulating the perfect scents for the most effective scent distribution. Let us help you put the power of scent to work for your business with the right environmental, promotional and/or retail solutions.



Next generation scent systems



The proprietary WST Remote App provides remote management and monitoring of the systems securely and conveniently from the authorized user's smart phone



Our certified safe fragrances and dry-air diffusion technology helps support indoor air quality while our eco-friendly packaging and Reuse-Recycle programs are environmentally responsible



WhiteScent's unique and patented system technology is designed for superior performance and reliability that is easy to implement and easy to maintain with alerts/indicators for cartridge changes or system status updates

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our in-house production and our Reuse-Recycle programs help to reduce our product costs. The WST Remote app monitoring limits fragrance overstock and waste while providing a simple, low-cost, self-service option

Cost Effective

We are passionate about using the power of scent to help our clients make stronger connections with their customers.
This passion and experience has led us to develop the most advanced systems in the industry. Our commitment to health, safety and the environment is unmatched in the industry.

About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the world with the most innovative, effective, and safe fragrance solutions that enhance the customer experience in a pure and natural way.

We strive to be socially and environmentally respectful while inspiring our team members, building sustainable value for our company, and being loved by our clients.



Creating scent relationships for global brands:

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