Indoor turned to outdoor

Adidas stores are all about active sports and wellbeing. The black color is a leading motif in the interior design, dotted with colorful products and huge posters of energetic men and women. The urban and stylish atmosphere is quite clear.

The Challenge

Attributing a scent to one of the major brands in the world is never easy. Bringing them a new and surprising scent concept, is a whole different ball game.

Our Solution

We developed an “outdoor scent approach”, enhancing the stores with a unique, invigorating fragrance blend inspired by fresh and green scents from nature. The fresh and energetic outdoor aromas, in contrast to the elegant and sleek design created a dramatic, compelling impression. Black scent systems were utilized to integrate seamlessly into the store decor.

The Adidas Signature Scent is a branding success story. A favorite of customers and Adidas staff, the fragrance is being considered for a potential new branded retail product launch.

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