World's first scent-solution for public transportation

Metropolin is a public transportation company which strives to create a new standard of passenger experience.

The Challenge

All of the company’s buses are equipped with USB hubs, headphone jacks, and high-quality seats. But Metropolin wanted to take the customer experience even further.

A key challenge of creating a pleasant environment on an urban bus ride was the ability to overcome the heady mixture of people’s body odors and belongings.

Our Solution

The solution we came up with was groundbreaking in many aspects. First, the system had to be re-engineered in order to fit into the buses’ 24v electrical infrastructure. Another critical requirement, was that the delivery systems and fragrance oils had to perform during the cold winter and hot summer seasons with minimal maintenance.

A custom-engineered solution was tested, approved and then deployed in over 1,000 buses. The ride atmosphere changed dramatically as the custom developed fragrance solutions eliminated unpleasant odors while supplying a mild fragrance signature that created a pleasing environment. WhiteScent delivered Metrolpolin the safe, effective and unique experiential edge they were looking for.

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